100% PMI as a quality assurance tool

100% PMI as a quality assurance tool

Nowadays, the need by companies of a tool that can rapidly measure determined quality standards has become more urgent than ever; the “100% PMI test” is unquestionably at the forefront of this technology.

When it comes to the flange, pipe and valve trade, quality is defined by the exact composition of the materials that make up the alloy of the equipment produced.

The acronym “100% PMI” stands for Positive Material Identification.

100% PMI is, in essence, the most reliable measuring instrument for detecting the composition of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, besides the verification against certificate 3.1 for the analysis of the casting of a material.

100% PMI: What is it really?

Let’s look in detail how the 100% PMI test is carried out.

Essentially, it is a chemical analysis of the constituent elements of a metal alloy , which allows the precise measurement of its composition.

A type of precise and, at the same time, non-destructive testing.

As a type of technology, XRF is used, which focuses mainly on the energy dispersed from X-ray


To be more precise, by utilizing a portable device, a high charge X-ray is delivered to the alloy sample being analysed.

The alloy’s atoms, stimulated by the X-rays, release a fluorescent radiation, which makes it possible to uniquely identify the composition of the alloy .

The 100% PMI test is chiefly utilized in the aerospace and automotive oil and gas industries.

Pantalone SRL and 100% PMI

With a career that began on construction sites and later moved into the industrial plant engineering sector, we at Pantalone SRL can boast a fair amount of experience with the problems found in the production of metal alloys.

The verification test of the metallic alloys used initially was essentially based on a sample check. With time, however, we have demanded higher and higher, and faster standards of verification, considering that the “100% PMI” test is generally carried out using portable equipment.

In order for the production to stand out for its high quality , it is necessary that all the samples of the batch are properly analysed.

To avoid accidents, it is important that the margin of error regarding the composition of an alloy is as close to zero as possible.

The “100% PMI” aims precisely at this goal; and we, and our Purchase Department, work exclusively with the sole objective giving maximum customer satisfaction.

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