Pantalone Ltd

For over 50 years a reliable partner in the efficiency of the plants for a greener future

Collaboration, concreteness, timeliness:
the philosophy of a consolidated group with the aim of meeting the needs of its customers,
to always maintain the reputation of a craftsman who believed in a small dream
and founded a great reality starting from nothing.


A warehouse with over 55,000 products, inventoried through electronic procedures that facilitate product traceability and automatic replenishment of stocks.


Quality is at home! The group is certified with the Uni En Iso 9001: 2017 system and provides excellent customer care and timely delivery at home and on construction sites.

The guarantee of a prompt delivery of materials,
for everything concerning industrial and civil plant engineering

Over 55,000 items in 30,000 sq m

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      Company contacts

      Via Don P. Mazzolari, 21 – 66100 – Chieti Scalo (CH)

      Northern Italy Branch:
      Via XXV Aprile 1945, 1 – 24050 – Zanica (BG)

      Southern Italy Branch:
      Via Lenza, 28 – 70010 Capurso (BA)