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Professional training

A large hall dedicated to a professional training “FormAzione”, place of regular meetings between customers and suppliers, the sharing of professional practice and theory, the mutual growth, workshops and open days, summarize what the spirit of Pantalone Ltd. has always been: people make quality and quality makes the difference.

Rapidity and efficiency

A young, qualified, dynamic and constantly updated staff, a personalized management system, an advanced information technology and a large car fleet for deliveries, allow PANTALONE Ltd. to fulfill the orders in only 48 hours.

Our workshop

A qualified staff and over 50 years of experience allow us to translate customer requirements into proposals and concrete solutions, develop technical designs making use of 3D parametric design and also to create special pieces according to drawings provided by the client.

Our workshop is equipped for the execution of works of:

  • Welding – Carbon steel and stainless steel through MIGMAGTIG;
  • Shearing;
  • Bending and calendering of carbon steel and stainless steel sheets;
  • Turning;
  • Caulking;
  • Milling;
  • Threading.

Thanks to our equipment we are able to realize:

  • Sheet canalization for extraction and ventilation systems;
  • Metal covers;
  • Sheet metal openings;
  • All kinds of tanks;
  • All kinds of adjustments;
  • Creation of a special design;
  • Production of drawing details;
  • Customization of marketed products such as:
    • Bevel realization, calendering and threading on pipes;
    • Adjustments on flanges;
    • Sheet metal cutting and straining

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    Via Don P. Mazzolari, 21 – 66100 – Chieti Scalo (CH)

    Northern Italy Branch:
    Via XXV Aprile 1945, 1 – 24050 – Zanica (BG)

    Southern Italy Branch:
    Via Lenza, 28 – 70010 Capurso (BA)