Quality Policy

PANTALONE Srl is a Company which operates in trading flanges, pipes, fittings, and valves.
The reference market of PANTALONE Srl addresses to firms dealing with setting-up and maintenance of industrial plants belonging to Oil & gas, Petrolchemical, Food and Paper industries.
Though its focusing on excellence, thanks to the experience gained over the years PANTALONE Srl is aimed at keeping a generalist approach through a commercial reality addressed to several industrial sectors which is able to supply with all kinds of materials.
For these reasons, in order to increase the value of its well known reliability on the market, PANTALONE Srl is constantly increasing its daily efforts to achieve an ever-growing improvement in supplying its products and adopting a strategic perspective to hold large volumes and better performances for a fast delivery and proper sales support services.
PANTALONE Srl has adopted The Quality Management System to coordinate its own processes and evaluate the improvements in reaching objectives and satisfying its customers.

PANTALONE s.r.l. expresses its management guidelines through THE QUALITY STRATEGIC OBJECTIVES:
  1. Facilities strenghtening aimed at reaching a larger receptivity of materials and a better internal logistics efficiency
  2. Customers’ satisfaction enhancement and development about sales and support services
  3. Accomplishment of the best stock management techniques
  4. Improvement in processing time and customers orders
  5. Personnel constant training.

The manual entitled “Objectives to get quality” includes the operating practices through which the quality policy and the quality strategic objectives specify the organization processes.
PANTALONE Srl Directions communicates to all company levels any updating of the present quality policy and the quality strategic objectives publishing news on a designated noticeboard besides notifying them to the relevant organization levels.
By means of the Quality Management System documentation each PANTALONE Srl employee is informed about the Quality Management System and everyone is committed to support the Quality policy.
Therefore, through the present document, PANTALONE Srl takes charge of reaching the Objectives by carrying out the Quality Management System and its periodical re-examination.

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