Vocational training: Pantalone SRL welcomes a class

Today, we all know vocational training goes hand in hand with education toward more sustainable models; especially in technical fields such as industrial plant engineering, where Pantalone SRL has been working for years.

For this reason, with its partner DSG Trucking, Pantalone organized, on Jan. 13, 2023, a training meeting at the Chieti headquarters.

The guest: class 1D of the Pescara 2 Comprehensive Institute, Colonna Middle School.

The purpose of the meeting

The purpose of the training day was not only to stimulate contact between young people and the world of work, but to develop interest and knowledge toward the more technical aspects of the industry: igniting curiosity and hopefully encouraging young people to invest in that professional field.

A field that requires enormous passion and dedication, considering the long and steep path of technical preparation it involves.

The children gained firsthand experience of the rhythms, dynamics and complex organization of the production environments of Pantalone SRL, assessing the importance and weight that covers each resource in the overall operation  of the company.

A large and sophisticated machine; nothing, however, that the fervent and fresh passion of a young man cannot understand and ride with enthusiasm.

Vocational training and environmental awareness

Technical training is complemented by a strong investment in environmentally sustainable strategies, following ESG  development logic.

It is pretty clear: between pandemics and energy crises, awareness of environmental issues, and the development of growingly green techniques, has increased exponentially, so much so that it has become one of the aspects that weigh most heavily on consumer choices.

Among the sectors in which sustainability is primarily invested in is logistics: in this case, the area of transportation.

The meeting focused on all the trucking systems developed to reduce the environmental impact: such as the LNG vehicles that our partner is extensively equipped with.

Vocational training and storytelling

A key part of the meeting was devoted to the company’s story: values, purpose for which it acts, results and future plans.

This is because, we know, there is no greater motivation than believing in what you do

For young people who want to approach the industry, it is important to know when and why you should be proud to work in industrial plant engineering, with all the difficulties, sacrifices – and also the satisfactions – that come with it.

Vocational training and Pantalone’s products

For this reason, Pantalone SRL’s products were shown to the students up close, making them aware of their use, properties and metallurgical difference.

The students had a “field experience”: with a visit to the integrated workshop at Pantalone, where they work on  customized products for customers.

The result is a great satisfaction with the interest shown by the students.

In addition to the pupils, we thank the very friendly professors who accompanied them.