Pantalone SRL: participation in the 47th Animp National Conference

With great enthusiasm, Pantalone SRL announces its participation in the Animp National Conference: one of the most important meetings in the world of plant engineering and industrial equipment.

The Animp is the national association of industrial plant engineering.

It’s an organisation that organises events, conventions, meetings, training and comparison opportunities in a constantly evolving sector.


The Animp National Confecence will be held on 16th June at the Auditorium Testori in the Palazzo Lombardia in Milan.

It will be a great ground for discussion with leading figures from institutional, academic and entrepreneurial realities.

The theme of the conference?

The debate on the energy transition and its impact in the industrial sector.

It will be a 360° confrontation that is the main objective of the Animp association: always committed to the connection between companies and experts in technology and entrepreneurship.

Having been a member of the association for some time, as well as a guest, Pantalone SRL will participate this year as Gold Sponsor, gaining visibility at an event that ranks among the most important in the sector.

An editorial article for Pantalone SRL

The Animp association is also editor of several important publications concerning the plant engineering sector.

Animp’s main manifesto is the magazine Impiantistica italiana: one of the most authoritative voices in the field of industrial machinery.

Published bimonthly, “Impiantistica italiana” has been telling the complicated story of this sector since 1988, narrating its projects, technological challenges and market prospects, giving voice to entrepreneurs and their enthusiasm.

In the May/June edition, space will also be given to Pantalone SRL, with an article illustrating its history, values, objectives and the whole path of growth and maturation undertaken by the company.


The Animp National Conference is finally back in attendance, in its 47th edition, after a two-year suspension due to the pandemic emergency.

We can say it does so with great providentiality, considering the historical moment we are living through.

The Ukrainian crisis

The Ukrainian energy crisis requires a joint effort by companies and institutions to find viable alternatives to fossil fuels.

New systems capable of reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making us energy independent.

These energy strategies were being worked on before Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, due to now undeniable climate change, which requires revolutionary intervention in all domestic and international industries, with major transformations throughout the supply chain.

The Ukraine crisis has only made the need for this change more urgent.

We have reflected on these topics several times in our blog, and on 16th June, we will be able to do so surrounded by experts and other entrepreneurs.

In this meeting, we will identify possible economic and geopolitical scenarios arising from the Ukrainian situation.

By assessing the possible impact on the industrial chain, possible future strategies to combat the emergency will be discussed.


If you are interested in following the Animp National Conference, please contact Pantalone directly for the link to the live streaming on 16TH June.

In the company of industry experts, topics such as innovation, fossil fuels and more will be discussed.

Visit the Animp association website to find out more and keep following the Pantalone SRL blog for more interesting facts about the world of industrial equipment.